Nehru Mountaineering Institute to Start Mountain Biking Courses

December 08, 2022 – Another achievement will be added to the name of Nehru Mountaineering Institute (NIM). The institute will start MTB (Mountain Biking) course for the first time in June 2023. Starting in Basic and Intermediate classes, this course will be accessible to adolescent and young trainees, who will be taught the finer points of cycling.

One of the country’s renowned mountaineering training institutes, NIMH conducts various mountaineering training courses. Besides, mountain guide courses, climbing, skiing, and adventure course are also being operated here. Another name, MTB, will be added to the list of these courses. In which both domestic and foreign trainees will be able to participate.


The introductory course will be organized in June’s first week and then the intermediate class in September’s first week. For which 30-30 seats have been fixed. The trainees will be given training at Tekhla, Mahidanda, Chowringikhal, and Asiganga Valley.

14 to 50 Thousand will be 12 Days Course Fee

The duration of Basic and Intermediate MTB courses will be of 12 days. Students between 16 to 45 years will be able to apply. As per the information given by NIM, Indians will have to pay Rs 14,000 for this course, and foreigners will have to pay Rs 50,000. Students will be able to apply online for this course.

What is mtb

MTB is also known as Mountain Biking. This particular type of bicycle is specially made to run on off-road routes like hilly roads and slopes. Many types of expeditions are also organized for this adventure-filled game. In the introductory course starting at NIMH, the trainees will be given information about the repair and operation of MTB. After that, expeditions will be conducted in the intermediate class.

Five trainers of NIM will impart training for the MTB course. For this they have been given special training. Cycling will get a boost along with tourism in the area where the course will start.

Colonel Amit Bisht, Principal Nehru Mountaineering Institute.