Jungle Safari at Rajaji Starting from 15 November, Now Tourists have to pay Rs 300 extra

October 31, 2022 – Now, Tourists looking for wildlife safari in Rajaji Tiger Reserve will have to pay more. Safari operators at Rajaji national park have increased the fare by Rs 300. Now tourists will have to pay Rs 2500 for a Jungle safari.

Shashi Ranakoti, general secretary of Rajaji Tiger Reserve Safari Welfare Society, says there has been no significant increase in safari fares for three years due to the Corona crisis. Last year, the decision was not made when the safari operators raised the demand for fixing the fare rates at Rs 2500 per car due to the pandemic.


Ranakoti said there had been an unexpected increase in petrol prices within three years; in such a situation, it is impossible to take a safari to tourists for just Rs 2200. So a hike in rent is a compulsion. On the other hand, the director of Rajaji Tiger Reserve, Dr. Saket Barola, was sought for information, but it could not be discussed. Currently, 72 vehicles are being operated by safari operators in Rajaji Reserve.

Enjoy safari from November 15

The Tiger Reserve administration has intensified preparations to open Rajaji Tiger Reserve for tourists. Along with repairing all the routes connected with the safari, the cutting of bushes is going on. Officials claim that the preparations for the safari will be completed before November 15. Many tourists from all the country’s states, including Uttarakhand, come for a safari in Rajaji Reserve.