Is Reiki Safe for Pregnant Women?

Pregnant women and their unborn babies can benefit from the gentle energy and balancing of Reiki. The most beneficial component of Reiki during pregnancy is that it is safe. Reiki is not harmful, just good. Moreover, reiki dont interfere with any other treatment. This makes Reiki a good option to help comfort a pregnant woman. Reiki’s healing love energy and anxiety are often associated with pregnancy and unfinished pregnancies.

It is also good for women to receive Reiki adaptations during their pregnancies. Some women have chosen to breastfeed their babies to Reiki while still in the womb before their birth. Reiki is a gift every time it is given or received. Reiki practitioners are taught that Reiki is everyone’s birthright. It is not something that is given. Instead, the natural energy of Reiki is embedded in us. The healing energy of Reiki is only awakened when we adapt.

Three Reiki and Pregnancy Stories from Our Readers

1. Special Bonding Time with Babies by Priyanka

In August 2019 my son was born. I treat myself every day (I’m a trained Reiki master teacher in two generations) of my pregnancy with Reiki and I can feel him move to the face to face my hands when they are in my abdominal area. I think it was our special bonding time before he was in the world. I also feel very relaxed and have no worries about an upcoming birth or being a mother for the first time, thanks to the energy balance of Reiki.

Had an amazing pregnancy with no complications.

During my pregnancy, my husband gets attuned to Reiki so he could give me Reiki during my labor and delivery. Apparently, my son was born three weeks early and weighed four pounds. He was able to stay with me in the hospital room and I never took my hand off Reiki!

The doctors were amazed at how well we thrived and developed every day.

When we were allowed to go home, we had to visit the doctor’s office every few days for a weight check. My son had trouble learning how to manage so they expected him to gain weight slowly. But then again, the doctors couldn’t believe how quickly my son was gaining weight and growing. Within three months, he managed to capture his peer’s familiarity with all aspects of physician measurements (weight, head circumference, and length).

Now, almost a year later, He is a healthy, healthy baby! I continue to give him Reiki every day. Recently he was eyed and found my Reiki hand comforting on his cheek. I am so happy to have this healing, balancing energy to treat my child!

2. Reiki brings Closeness to mothers and their babies by Anjali

I massage and give Reiki treatments every 2 weeks for both my daughters and during my niece’s pregnancy.

While massaging the trunks will move a bit, but once I sarted Reiki, my hands started will tingle. I believe Reiki soothes them more than massage and brings closeness between mother and baby.


My daughter wanted me in the delivery room with her and her fiance and I had all the good intentions to be there doing Reiki …

I couldn’t cope with my daughter through the birth, so the nurse said it was best to go and do Distance Reiki.

Since there birth, I have felt so close to my grandsons and I still do Reiki on them (almost 7 months now). I’m sure they knew something was going on between them and me. I don’t see my son’s baby girl very often but when we do, I feel very close too.

3. Mother’s Reiki by Priya

Despite a pregnant mother, I am both a Reiki healer and a Reiki Master, gave attunement to baby’s father while I was 5 months pregnant! Took my Reiki Master attunement in August 2005 and returned 3 months earlier from Sri Lanka, where I worked with SOS Children’s mothers.

I find it a great way to entertain myself and the unborn child before the onset of birth and life afterwards with a new baby to take care of, I know that my daughter enjoys a moment of life energy that sometimes flows into her that I know will add to its development in my body.

Do not forget that although the fetus is a spiritual being and at the beginning of a new incarnation into the world of Planet Earth, and as we know many future spiritual leaders namely crystal, indigo, flower and rainbow child are being born to understand mothers who can help them nurture and protect this quality. And that’s how her dad decided to step into the Reiki route during my pregnancy. I was a little worried if it would be okay but I think she had chosen us as her parents, knowing who I was and I believed in the universe and it went smoothly. It was a magical experience to know that myself and our daughter practiced my Reiki attunement. I think this will also help her spiritual development without her knowing.

She was born that year in September and was in no hurry to get out. I can assure you. We call her Shanti, which means Peace in Sanskrit and having our relationship with Sri Lanka, Buddhist philosophy, the Reiki Whale Dreaming CD and her delivery doctors from India, all sit well. We have actually consulted with our daughter while in my womb on her choice and this is one of her recommendations !!!

And so it is .. the birth of a beautiful new creature, whose name is a positive pledge !! How magical and wonderful energy to carry with her throughout her life …. so YES..Reiki during pregnancy can only be a good thing !!

I didn’t give any postpartum healing for a while as my body needed to deal with the problem itself due to lack of sleep and hormonal imbalance but when I felt ready that maybe a year later I started again on my Reiki healing path. I have given my daughter som