Gypsy Overturned after bees attacked Tourists at Jim Corbett National Park

November 03, 2022 – Ramnagar (Nainital). Tourists’ gypsy overturned during jungle safari in Phato Zone of Terai Western Forest Division. The accident happened when a swarm of bees attacked them. Six tourists from Gujarat sustained minor injuries in the accident. The tourists took a jungle safari at Phato Zone and later returned.

Around 9 a.m. on Wednesday, six tourists from Surat in Gujarat went for a jungle safari in the Fato Zone of Terai Western Forest Division by gypsy number UK-04TA-6787. Fato Ranger Rajkumar said that during the jungle safari near the main road Mota Sal of compartment number 43, suddenly, the gypsy was attacked by a swarm of bees. To avoid the bees, the gypsy driver ran the gypsy. Due to this, the gypsy overturned in the muddy area. Thankfully none of the tourists was seriously injured in the accident. All had minor scratches.


Bees also attacked forest workers. The ranger said that later the gypsy was pulled by a tractor, and the tourists went on a jungle safari. After the jungle safari, all the tourists returned. SDO Pradeep Dhaulakhandi said he went to the spot and met inquired. All tourists are safe. DFO Kundan Kumar said that the accident happened due to the attack of bees. No tourist was seriously injured.