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Famous Glaciers all over the globe will Melt by 2050, UNESCO

November 11, 2022 – According to a report by UNESCO, many glaciers will melt completely by the end of 2050. UNESCO has said that glaciers of many World Heritage Sites, including Yellowstone and Kilimanjaro National Park, are included in the list of glaciers to melt by 2050.

The United Nations agency has given a warning about this. Along with this, an appeal has been made to act fast to save the rest of the glacier. UNESCO released this report last week. According to this report, due to climate change, one-third of the glaciers in the 50 World Heritage Sites may melt by the year 2050. However, UNESCO has reported that if the temperature does not rise by more than 1.5 °C, the remaining two-thirds of the glaciers in the sites can be saved.

According to UNESCO, research has revealed glaciers have been melting rapidly since 2000 due to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. Due to this, the temperature is also getting hotter at a faster rate.


Because of this, it is expected that one-third of the glaciers included in the 50 World Heritage Sites could be completely melted by the year 2050. Kilimanjaro National Park and Mount Kenya are also included in this list.

This list contains famous tourist destinations such as the Great Wall of China, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, and the Central Amazon Conservation Complex in Brazil. In addition, the world’s most visited glaciers, like Yosemite and Yellowstone National Park, are also included in this list.

The last remaining in Africa, the Kilimanjaro National Park, and glaciers such as Mount Kenya, the Pyrenees Mont Perdu, and the Dolomites of Italy is predicted to melt completely. The report was released just days before the COP27 climate change conference of the ongoing United Nations began in Egypt.