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Drone Taxis will be used in Paris Olympics for Transport

November 11, 2022 – After getting stuck in a long traffic jam on the roads, it must have come to your mind that you could have wings to fly anywhere. But you will be surprised to know that soon your dream will become a reality. Yes, soon you can fly from one place to another by a drone taxi. The first flight of the drone taxi service took place on 10 November 2022 at an airfield outside Paris, which was successful. The first test was conducted amidst conventional air traffic to test the flight capability of this drone taxi (electric helicopter).

The drone taxi was started by the German company Volocopter. This drone taxi has been named Volocity. This giant drone has eight rotors. During the test, it took off from the Ponto-Cormeilles airfield outside Paris, made a detour, and landed back at the same airport.

Dirk Hock, CEO of the Volocopter company, says that many tests of this drone taxi will be done in the next 18 months. Also, certificates will be taken for commercial flights. He has claimed that small commercial flights can happen in the year 2024.


The launch of this drone taxi was announced during the Paris Summer Olympic Games to take the world to the next level of traffic. Also, people can be made to experience technology and pleasant travel.

Fully automatic Velocity is a two-seater drone taxi capable of taking off from one fixed place and landing at another. It was flown with only one person seated during the test. Many types of work are yet to be done regarding drone taxis, such as developing particular infrastructure for this. Apart from this, airspace integration and its recognition among the people is also a big challenge. So that more and more people use it.

During the test, Volocity was flown by pilot Paul Stone. Paul said that this drone works on a digital fly-by-wire system. When passing a standard helicopter, buttons must be pressed above the head; keyboards must be controlled in front of the stomach. Also, coordination has to be done, but all this is very easy with this drone. That is, flying it is much easier than any ordinary helicopter.