nainital landslide

Experts From Kerala Arrived at Nainital to Inspect The Landslide Area

November 15, 2022 – The landslide in Nainital’s Ballianala area has reached an alarming stage. If not treated properly, this landslide can threaten the city of Nainital.

The School of Sustainable Development experts Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeeth Kerala came to inspect and study Balinalala and other landslide areas. After reviewing the landslide-affected regions of the city for two days, this team of experts will prepare a report and send it to the government.


On Monday, the team conducted a drone and on-site inspection of Ballianala and the surrounding area. During this, they also took information from the people about the causes and effects of landslides. Team in-charge geologist Dr. Manisha said the landslide in the Ballianala area had reached an alarming stage. If it is not treated soon, it can become a threat to the city of Nainital.

A detailed report of the area will be presented at a meeting related to disaster management and rehabilitation at the government level on Tuesday. All the technical aspects of the survey will be included. Many other experts, including Dr. Nitin and Dr. Balmukund, were also included in the team that inspected the area.