70-Year-Old Man Sucessfully Para Jumped

If there is enthusiasm and passion, then age does not become a hindrance. Retired Colonel Dr. Girja Shankar Mungali, originally a Cantonment Board (Centt) Nainital resident and currently living in Pune, has surprised everyone by para-jumping from an airplane at the age of seventy.

Dr. Mungali para jumped from an aircraft at an Air Force training program organized in Agra on Sunday. In this, 35 other people took part with him. He was the oldest among them.


Dr. Mungali has been the head of the adventure department of the army. Dr. Mungali, who was in many important missions in the army, was also involved in the joint rafting campaign between India and Bangladesh. He continued his studies while performing many essential army responsibilities and earned a doctorate. Dr. Mungali completed many expeditions and conquered various peaks in the Himalayas. He is currently a member of the Task Force of the Asian Football Confederation.

Danger Involved while Jumping

Describing his experiences, Colonel Dr. Mungali said that after jumping from the plane, there is a lot of danger till it lands safely on the ground. Then, extreme courage is required till the parachute is fully opened.