Coronavirus Climbs Mount Everest

April 27, 2021 – Finally, The coronavirus managed to reach Everest as A Sherpa and His Climber were found negative last week after reaching The Base Camp. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the Nepal government issued 394 permits for The Everest Summit this year, Last year it was 381 after Traffic Jam hit Everest in 2019.

The Climber was tested negative while departing from his country and even during quarantining in Kathmandu before he headed towards the base camp. Earlier they thought its nothing more then pulmonary edema (kind of altitude sickness). So they ignored in the beginning but as the situation gets worse, The climber was evacuated by helicopter from the base camp to Hospital in Kathmandu where he was found negative thrice.


According to Meera Acharya, Director at Department of Tourism Nepal they have only issued permits to those teams which applied for the expedition with due procedures.