After Leopard, A Herd of Elephants Entered Populated Area, Dehradun

October 31, 2022 – After Leopards came out of the forests of Rajaji Tiger Reserve, Dehradun, and Mussoorie Forest Division and entered the populated area, now people are in panic due to a herd of elephants. Herds of elephants were seen in the area around Sports Stadium in Raipur. Fortunately, elephants did not reach the main road area. Otherwise, there would have been real trouble.

On the other hand, Forest Department officials say that there is no information about the herd of elephants. There was a stir in the Rajeshwaripuram area due to the knock of Leopard on Sunday evening. Villagers armed with sticks searched but could not find it. When the villagers gave the information to the forest department officials, the team led by the area officer reached the area. Forest officials searched for Leopard for a long time, but nothing could be found of him.


For the last several days, Leopards have been seen in Shamshergarh, Balawala, Nakraunda, Nathuawala, Mianwala, etc. Many villagers have also captured the leopard roaming the streets on mobile cameras. After the threat of the Leopard, on the instructions of the officers of the forest department, cages are being put up at many places, and a female leopard has also been caught. Still, for several days the knock of the Leopard is being seen, due to which the villagers are terrified.