5 Places To Visit in Dehradun

The capital city of Uttarakhand, Dehradun, is famous for being rich in various natural resources. This beautiful city is located at the lower mountain range of the Himalayas in Doon valley; the holy rivers Yamuna and Ganges surround this city. This place is well known for its soothing weather and offers an ideal gateway to the famous hill stations of India such as Mussoorie, Nainital, etc. along with several religious sites such as Rishikesh and Haridwar. Dehradun is a part of Garhwal state so you can experience the influence of Garhwal culture here in this city. Dehradun experiences heavy rainfall during the season of Monsoon and it gets a lot extremely cold during winters, hence providing you with different experience when you visit it.

If you are planning a trip to this holistic city in your next holidays then do not forget to check out these must-visit destinations in Dehradun:

Robbers Cave Dehradun

Robber’s Cave

Robber’s cave is a naturally formed narrow and long cave in Dehradun. Covered with cold springs and beautiful mountain ranges, Robber’s cave is a famous picnic destination of Dehradun. Robber’s cave is always flocked with tourists performing different activities like trekking, picnics, and excursions as Robbers cake offers some of the most enticing activities one can do in Dehradun. If you are going for a trip to this cave, it is advisable that you carry an additional set of clothing because you can get wet while playing in the chilly water of Robber’s cave. You can easily find locker and bathroom service at Gucchhu Pani.


You can consider this place as one of the most gorgeous, tranquil and famous tourist destinations to visit in Dehradun. This destination is loved by both young and old peoples alike as it offers a picturesque beauty formed by a lot of running water streams flowing down the astonishing limestone outcrops. Sahastradhara can be considered a hidden gem of Dehradun as it offers best-kept secrets of this place.

Monsoon is the perfect time to visit this place, as it is during this time that all the streams drop down the rocks at full force. You can also take ropeway rides through which tourist can enjoy the beauty of waterfalls and its other surrounding from the ideal viewpoint.


If you want to relish the real beauty of Dehradun and spend some quiet time, then visit Lacchiwala. If you are a fan of trekking trails, sunset viewing, and bird watching, then Lacchiwala provides with just that. It is a beautiful and relaxing picnic spot surrounded by sal trees. If you are visiting this place with high expectations then trust me you are not going to be disappointed with the natural beauty of this place, it is due to all of these aspects it is one of the most visited places in Dehradun.


Whether travelling with family or your better half, the man-made pools along with awe-aspiring greenery are sure to satisfy your hunger for travel.

Malsi Deer Park

If you think Rajaji national park is the only wildlife sanctuary that is worth visiting in the city of Dehradun then you could not be any wrong, Malsi Deer Park is considered to be one of the most visited animal centres in this city. This mini-zoo has become one of the most chosen handouts and picnic spots of Dehradun; it is an ideal destination for school excursions and family outings. You got a fantastic sight to behold within this park as you witness hoards of deers wondering around freely in their natural habitat in the serene and beautiful forest of Malsi Deer Park. Aside from Deer’s, you can also see various species of birds offering fantastic chances of capturing beautiful pictures. The Malsi Deer Park is located around 10 Km away from the Dehradun, and it during weekends this place is flooded with visitors.

Tapkeshwar Temple

Tapkeshwar temple is the most visited temple of Dehradun, in this temple devotees worship Lord Shiva the destroyer deity. This temple surrounded by beautiful greenery and other natural attractions; the main attraction of this temple is the Shivlinga, which you can see inside this temple.

The temple is locating at the side of a thick forest and water always drops from the natural cave roof of the temple, this adds into the beauty of this temple. You can easily visit this temple as it is just 6 kilometres away from the city centre of Dehradun.

To pay tribute to Lord Shiva thousand of devotees and pilgrims visit this temple during the biggest Shiva festival Shivratri. This temple also has fresh water springs in which all the pilgrims take a bath before entering the sacred grounds of the temple.

So, these are our picks for five must-visit destinations in Dehradun, make sure you do not miss out on these on your next trip to the capital of Uttarakhand, Dehradun.