Yeti is it real or just a legend from the folk tales ?

Is Himalayan yeti a real animal or just a legend from the folk tales?

Over the years a lot of individuals have claimed to have seen the folk tale animal “Yeti”. There is one thing that is common in almost all of these stories and that is “None of these individuals have definite proof to back their claim”.

For those who do not know what Yeti is, here is a quick overview for them. Yeti is a famous legend from the folklore of Nepal “it is said that this ape-like creature that is taller than a regular human has inhabited that mountains of East and Central Asia, Himalayas, and Siberia.

The stories surrounding this mythic creature has started their origin back in the early 19th century and now they are getting on the spotlight yet once again.

The mountaineers from the Indian Army spotted the huge 32- inches footprints near their Base camp at Makalu Nepal, it was posted on the Twitter on Monday. It is still not clear whether this mountaineer’s team is just trolling their followers or if they are serious about it, regardless of anything their tweet has sparked a wave of jokes on different social media platforms.


In the posted pictures the footprints were in the line and not side by side and that was the main cause behind all these jokes some individuals have tweeted it was a “ one-legged mythical creature” in a sarcastic way obviously.

Well, No one can actually say anything about the existence of Yeti as there is no definite proof and the science community has already regarded this creature as a legend.

So, the mystery behind the Yeti is still unfolded just like the mystery behind its cousin mythical creature Bigfoot.

Regardless of all this, these creatures have been a part of the folklore of centuries and it is up to you to decide whether to believe these stories or not.