Vistara Takes Flight Connectivity to New Heights with In-Flight Wi-Fi Messaging

November 09, 2023 – Exciting news for air travelers in India as Vistara, the leading airline under the ownership of Tata Sons and SIA, has soared to new heights by becoming the first Indian carrier to offer in-flight Wi-Fi messaging services. This innovative offering keeps passengers connected to the world, even while cruising high above the clouds, enhancing the overall flying experience.

While in-flight Wi-Fi is not a novel concept in the international aviation arena, its introduction by Vistara signifies a significant milestone for India’s aviation industry. Now, passengers on Vistara flights have the opportunity to enjoy seamless in-flight connectivity, aligning the airline with international counterparts, particularly on extended journeys.

The roll-out of this remarkable service was recently announced by Tata Sons and SIA, and it is available on Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner flights plying between Indira Gandhi International Airport (Del) in Delhi and London Heathrow (LHR). Notably, this in-flight Wi-Fi messaging service is offered as a part of the airline’s introductory promotion and is accessible to all passengers free of charge for a limited duration.

The expansion of this amenity does not stop here. Vistara is gearing up to extend in-flight Wi-Fi services to its Airbus A321neo flights as well, ensuring a broader range of travelers can benefit from this connectivity convenience.


Passengers can now maintain connectivity even at astounding altitudes of up to 35,000 feet above ground level. This entails being able to send emails, access social media accounts, exchange messages, and more. During this initial phase, Vistara will actively collect information on system functionality and solicit feedback from passengers, enabling the airline to fine-tune and enhance the service continually.

In the realm of in-flight Wi-Fi, there exists a spectrum of service quality, with some airlines offering faster, more comprehensive connectivity options than others. The availability of in-flight internet is especially invaluable for business travelers, allowing them to remain connected and productive during extended flights. It empowers these passengers to continue their work, respond to emails, and collaborate with colleagues while in transit.

In essence, in-flight messaging services have grown to be a vital part of the air travel experience, offering passengers the assurance of staying connected with their network, whether it be family, friends, or colleagues. Vistara’s commitment to providing this essential service not only elevates the flying experience but also bolsters aviation safety and presents potential for revenue generation in the ever-evolving landscape of air travel.