Unveiling Ayodhya’s Newest Attraction: Ram Ki Paidi Chowpatty

March 01, 2024: Ayodhya, India – Ayodhya, the ancient city steeped in history and spirituality, is gearing up to welcome a new attraction – its very own beach! Recent reports reveal that the Uttar Pradesh Housing Department has given the green light to a proposal by the local development authority to establish a chowpatty at Ram Ki Paidi, along the picturesque banks of the Saryu River.

A Riverside Transformation

The Ayodhya Development Authority (ADA) is spearheading this transformative project, aiming to breathe new life into the riverside area. The envisioned chowpatty will not only offer breathtaking views of the serene Saryu River but also tantalize taste buds with a variety of hygienically prepared food items.

Creating Vibrant Spaces

In a bid to materialize this vision, the ADA is diligently working on developing multiple temporary structures and designated zones for food carts at Ram Ki Paidi. A senior officer from the authority emphasized the focus on hygiene and quality, evident in the meticulous preparations underway.

Construction in Progress

Reports confirm that a tender has been floated to commence construction at the site. The chosen agency will have a six-month window to complete the civil works, after which the space will be allocated to food vendors, infusing vibrancy into the newly created chowpatty.


Budget Allocation for Excellence

With a budget of approximately INR 4.66 crore allocated to the project, various aspects such as basic infrastructure, sanitation, electrification, firefighting, water supply, parking zones, horticulture, and a paved entry route will be covered. Additionally, the contractor will be tasked with providing seating capacity for a minimum of 50 individuals, ensuring a comfortable riverside experience for visitors.

Enhancing Recreational Spaces

This endeavor aligns with the broader plan by the civic body in Ayodhya to enhance recreational spaces along the Saryu River. The transformation of one bank into a ‘chowpatty’ is poised to enrich Ayodhya’s landscape, offering both locals and visitors a delightful waterfront experience.

A Vibrant Addition to Ayodhya’s Landscape

With the Uttar Pradesh Housing Department’s approval and proactive steps taken by the ADA, the development of Ram Ki Paidi as a chowpatty is set to become a vibrant addition to Ayodhya’s landscape. Get ready to soak in the beauty of the Saryu River while indulging in delectable delights at Ayodhya’s newest hotspot – Ram Ki Paidi Chowpatty.