Unintentional Generosity: Woman Accidentally Tips Over 6 Lakhs for a Simple Sandwich

While tipping is a common practice at restaurants, it’s not every day that you hear about someone accidentally tipping an astonishing amount of money. In a peculiar incident in the United States, a woman found herself unwittingly leaving a tip of over 6 lakhs for a sandwich. However, she insists it was not an intentional act but rather a mistake.

The Sandwich Saga

In a Subway restaurant in the United States, a woman named Vera Connor placed an order for a sandwich. Upon completing her meal, she used her Bank of America credit card for payment. It was during this transaction that she inadvertently entered the last six digits of her phone number, thinking she was earning Subway loyalty points. Little did she know that she had actually authorized a tip exceeding 6 lakhs.

Payment Error Unveiled

According to reports by NBC News, Vera discovered the substantial error when she reviewed her credit card details at the end of the week. Astonished, she exclaimed, “I couldn’t make sense of what had happened. What was this?” The number seemed familiar as it matched the last six digits of her phone number. She questioned, “Who leaves such a tip?”


Seeking Refund

Concerned about the large sum, Vera lodged a complaint with Bank of America regarding the erroneous tip. Initially, her claim was dismissed by the bank. Subway’s management also mentioned that the matter was in the hands of the bank. However, upon further investigation, the bank acknowledged the mistake, supporting Vera’s claim. A spokesperson for the bank informed The New York Post, “We advised Subway to refund the customer and are pleased she agreed.”

Lesson Learned

Vera Connor expressed relief upon receiving her money back but emphasized how a small mistake could have significant consequences. She stated that she would always remember this incident as a cautionary tale. The story of the accidental tip serves as a reminder of how technology, combined with human error, can lead to unexpected and costly outcomes, even in the simplest of transactions.