Unearthed Treasures: 826 Ancient Copper Coins Discovered in Goa

November 23, 2023 – In a surprising twist of fate, 826 copper coins from an unidentified era have been unearthed in the picturesque region of Goa, leaving the local community abuzz with curiosity. The Goa Department of Archaeology has launched a thorough inquiry into this remarkable discovery, initiated by a local resident named Vishnu Joshi.

Joshi stumbled upon the cache of coins while clearing his cashew orchard in Nanoda, Sattari, rural Goa. The coins, carefully preserved in a mud pot, were later handed over to Subhash Phaldessai, the Minister for Archives and Archaeology. According to Joshi, the coins, adorned with inscriptions, hint at the possibility of being part of a buried treasure.

Local media reports quote Joshi describing the find of 826 coins during the orchard-clearing process. Attempts to clean the coins revealed their copper composition and intricate inscriptions, sparking excitement among officials from the archives department who, accompanied by ministerial representatives, stressed the need for a meticulous examination to determine the coins’ historical epoch and origin.


Presently, the emphasis is on unraveling the issuing era or kingdom, with officials acknowledging the rarity of discovering such a substantial number of historically significant coins in the state. The analysis is anticipated to provide insights not only into the historical aspects but also the economic dynamics of the relevant time periods.

Minister Phaldessai outlined plans for the post-analysis phase, revealing that the coins would find a permanent home in the Goa State Museum, accompanied by a detailed description of their discovery location. Acknowledging the importance of crediting and rewarding the discoverer, Joshi, Phaldessai confirmed the formation of a committee comprising experts to delve into the coins’ origin and historical context.

Expressing satisfaction with Joshi’s proactive approach, Phaldessai underscored the significance of the find, anticipating that it would enrich the state’s historical narrative. As the committee of experts prepares for a comprehensive investigation, the anticipation builds around the prospect of unraveling the mysteries concealed within these ancient copper coins.