Tourist Disappeared while Talking Over Video Call at Rishikesh

March 22, 2023 – A newly married couple came for a visit in Rishikesh. During this, the wife and her sister were talking on a video call, but then something happened that surprised everyone. There was a sudden scream from the wife, and she disappeared from there. What happened after this surprised everyone.

Actually, the missing newly married resident of Firozabad reached her home. The brother-in-law of the newly married woman informed the police about this. While the police was still probing the matter from the angle of the girl drowning or being a victim of a wild animal attack.

Muni Ki Reti police station was informed late Saturday night about a newly married woman missing from Ganga Ghat in Shivpuri under suspicious circumstances. Station in-charge Ritesh Shah said that Himanshu Pachauri and Nandini, residents of Usiana in Firozabad, Uttar Pradesh, had come to Shivpuri to visit.


The couple was staying in a camp on the banks of the Ganges. Himanshu told the police that at around 11 pm, he and his wife Nandini had gone for a walk at the Ganga Ghat. Nandini asks him to bring frutti from the shop. During this, he, Nandini, and his sister were talking to each other through video calls.

A Screaming Sound and She Disappeared

Suddenly he hears Nandini screaming during the video call. Told that he came running towards Ganga Ghat, but his wife Nandini was nowhere to be seen. Instead, his wife’s mobile stone and sandal were found lying on the shore near the ghat.

The station in charge said that keeping in mind the possibility of drowning the woman or attack by wild animal, the police had started the investigation of the case. However, no footprints of any wild animal were found on the spot. Told that the SDRF team was searching for the girl in the Ganges. On Monday, Nandini’s brother-in-law informed the police that she had reached her home in Firozabad.