The Enigmatic Echoes of Bhoot Baavdi: Unraveling the Haunting Tale of Ranshi’s Hidden Stepwell

Hidden in the village of Ranshi, approximately 90 km from Jodhpur, lies a place where the unassuming appearance masks a dark secret – the Bhoot Baavdi or Bhoot Baoli, a stepwell with a haunting tale. This village, overshadowed by the fear of the supernatural, holds a story of construction, kindness, and a broken promise.

In the era of Thakur Jai Singh, when Ranshi was under the rule of Jodhpur, a night’s rest turned into an encounter with the otherworldly. Thakur Jai Singh, on his way to Jodhpur, stopped by a pond for water. To his surprise, he heard a plea for water from a spirit lurking in the bushes. The spirit, cursed not to drink water on his own, requested Thakur’s assistance.

In an act of kindness, Thakur provided water and shared his food. However, instead of gratitude, the spirit proposed a wrestling match. Thakur, in an unusual turn of events, defeated the spirit, who apologized and offered to fulfill any request. Seizing the opportunity, Thakur asked the spirit to construct a stepwell in front of the Ranshi palace.


The spirit agreed under a condition – workers could toil during the day, but he would work a hundred times at night, with one strict caveat. Thakur must not disclose the encounter or the well’s construction. Breaking this promise would halt the construction indefinitely.

The stepwell’s progress astonished the villagers. However, Thakur’s wife’s persistent questioning led to a breach of the secret. The construction abruptly stopped, leaving the stepwell unfinished at 200 feet, devoid of its intended features.

Legend has it that the well is haunted, with reports of construction sounds echoing late at night. The eerie ambiance dissuades visitors, with only the bravest daring to explore the Bhoot Baavdi. Multiple versions of this tale circulate, adding to the mystique of this haunted stepwell. Will you be the one to unravel its secrets and share more stories from the realm of the supernatural?