Story of A Place, Where Soldiers Come in Dream & Ask for Water

Uttrakhand is truly an exceptional blend of culture, tradition as well as bravery, and there is also an interesting story connected with it.  Interestingly there are so many traditions which are still performed by people residing there. These stories are hard to believe but are true and still played.  One of such interesting tradition is still played in Nelong valley of Uttarkashi district.

In Nelong valley summers is not so complicated to dine. However, winter months offers heavy snowfall, and due to this reason, soldiers have to experience numerous problems.  Soldiers have to drink water by melting snow, which is a challenging task for them.   Also, the unique tradition done by soldiers is also connected with water only.

The story behind this unique tradition

Twenty-two years ago at Nelong valley India China border, three soldiers of FD regiment were searching for water and died due to the fallen glacier. Today also all soldiers, along with officers, never forget to keep a bottle of water on the memorial.  The soldiers say that the martyrs often come in their dream sand demand for water from them for drinking. 

On   6th April 1994 soldiers of 64 FD Regiment Nayak Surendra, Hajal Jhum Prasad Gurung and day Bahadur were patrolling. During the patrol the water of soldiers was finished and to quench their thirst the young they came down from Nelong valley and reached a glacier in Dhumka, which is about 2 km from Nelong Valley to drink water. The time they reached there, the glacier broke up and fallen on them at that same moment, and all three soldiers died and buried under it. After searching out for them for several days, the soldiers found their body in the ice.


Following this incident to pay tribute to these soldiers, a memorial was built near Dhumka. The interesting thing in relation to this incident is that many soldiers who stationed on the Nelong border claim that martyr soldiers at times fall in their dreams and demand water for drinking. This is the reason why every soldier, as well as officer, keeps the bottle of water in the memorial; of martyred soldiers when they travel to Nelong valley.

No matter what you call this, superstition or a belief, however, it can be said that these incidents make us realize that our brave soldiers have to stay in such difficult places and in such difficult circumstances our soldiers struggle for us. To show their gratitude for their sacrifice the young men, as well as tourists, started this tradition. Interestingly this is not the place in India where water is supplied to the memorial of young person.

There is also one place in Rajasthan Birjan district where several soldiers were killed because of lack of water. Because of this reason, The BSF constructed a small temple and placed a large utensil in which people used to pour water and also offer martyrdom to the martyrs.

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