Shangri La Valley

Shangri La Valley – The Mysterious Valley

There are many places around the world, filled with mysteries. There are some places in this world, about which we don’t know anything. The Shangri La / Shangri-La valley is on the border of Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh. It is said that this valley is the way to go to another world. What is the secret of this valley? Is this really possible? So without delay, let us know about The Mysterious Valley of Tibet. Let’s learn more about Shangri La Valley.

There are many secrets hidden in this world. We have come to know some of those secrets, but some mystery is still unresolved for us like Bermuda-Triangle. Where someone has gone, he has not been able to return till date. People from all over the world tried to find out this secret to solve this mystery, Yet this mystery remains unsolved till date. But friends, do you know that there is such a mysterious valley in Tibet, Which is said that no one has been able to come back from there.

Shangri La Valley, Tibet

Friends, we are talking about Shangri La / Shangri-La Valley. This valley is on the border of Tibet and Arunachal Pradesh. This valley is also called ‘Shambhala’ and ‘Siddh Ashram’ along with Shangri. Many well-known authors have written about this valley in their books.

Author Arun Sharma has mentioned it in his book “That Mysterious Valley of Tibet”. According to him, this place is affected by the fourth dimension of the atmosphere, The effect of time is negligible, the power of mind, soul, and thought increases to a particular extent on arriving at this valley.


It is said that this valley is the way to go to another world. If anything or a person goes into this valley, then their existence disappears from this world. To know the truth of this, the Chinese army tried many times to find this place but they could not find anything.


Spiritual Importance

This valley is famous worldwide, including India, among people associated with tantra gyan and spiritual practice. It is also called the spiritual center of the earth. It is also mentioned in Ramayana, Mahabharata, and Vedas.

Those who know about this valley, say that the famous yogi “Shyam Charan Lahiri” ji’s Guru “Mahavatar Baba” who also initiated Adi Shankaracharya, is still residing in some Siddha Ashram of Shangri La Valley. To know more about the valley, you will have to read a book called “Kaal Vigyan”. That book is still kept in the library of Tawang Monastery in Tibet.

Shangri La Valley, Real or Fiction

The author named J. Hilton has written about this mysterious valley in his book “Lost Horizon”. He believe that this is an imaginary place.

Many people from India and abroad tried to find out about the Shangri La Valley after reading this book, But failed. Till date, No one is able to find If this valley really exists or Its just a story.

So what do you guys think? Is there really such a valley? If we deny the existence of this valley, then how can so many people and books describe this place so accurately and in the same way?. Is there really such a place? If it is, how will it be?