Rishikesh: All Bookings suspended at Huel Valley resorts and camps, Restriction imposed after five tourists’ deaths.

August 20, 2023 – A hushed stillness has fallen over the camps operating in the Huel Valley region of the Yamakeshwar block. The continuous rain warnings have prompted the Pauri Police Administration to halt the tourist activities and bookings in the camps and resorts of this area as a safety measure.


The torrential downpour in the recent days wreaked havoc in the Huel Valley region. On August 13th, due to a landslide near the Jogiyana village, the Night Paradise camp situated under the road at Mohan Chatti was buried. Unfortunately, five tourists from Haryana lost their lives as they were trapped in the debris. On August 17th, the rain in the Bairagad area led to multiple residential buildings collapsing and getting submerged in the Bairagad village.

Booking Orders Cancelled

In light of tourists’ safety, the Lakshman Jhoola Police Station issued orders on August 16th to cancel bookings and halt the tourist activities in camps in the Huel Valley region, including Bairagad, Mohan Chatti, Jogiyana, Bairagad, Garudchatti, Bijnani, Naini, Rattapani, Ghattugarh, and other areas. The order has brought about a silence in the camps due to the cancellation of bookings.

Due to repeated heavy rainfall in the state, warnings are being issued. In the interest of tourist safety, advance bookings in camps operating in the Huel Valley region have been canceled. Strict action will be taken against those who violate these orders.

Vinod Gusain, Officer in Charge, Lakshman Jhoola Police Station