Rate of land subsidence doubled in Joshimath, Report

March 01, 2023 – SDC Foundation has released the January Uttarakhand Disaster and Accident Synopsis (UDAS) report. Quoting scientists from the Wadia Institute of Geology, Dehradun, Udas reports that the rate of land subsidence has doubled in Joshimath.

According to the report, there was no major disaster or accident in the state except Joshimath’s math in January, in which there was a loss of life and property on a single day or at a particular time. However, in the report, incidents of land subsidence have also been mentioned in Karnprayag of Chamoli district, Atali village of Tehri, etc. Apart from this, earthquake tremors and avalanches in the Chamoli district have also been mentioned in this report.

A sad report by environmentalist Prof. Quoting Ravi Chopra says there are enough reasons to believe that the tunnel is the main reason for the landslide in Joshimath. However, according to Foundation President Anoop Nautiyal, the purpose of the Uttarakhand Disaster and Accident Synopsis (UDAS) report is documentation of major disasters and accidents in the state throughout the month.

On the other hand, the land has been selected for permanently rehabilitating the landslide-affected Joshimath families. The affected will be shifted to the designated land between Gauchar and Joshimath.


For this, 40 to 50 hectares of land have been selected. However, where this land has been identified, the government has yet to disclose it.

In Joshimath, cracks have appeared in 863 buildings in landslide-affected Gandhinagar, Singhdhar, Manoharbagh, and Sunil wards.

Of these, 181 buildings have been declared entirely unsafe. The district administration has displaced 920 members of 253 families in the vulnerable area to temporary camps.