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Rajaji Tiger Reserve’s Motichur Range Reopens for Tourists

November 16, 2023 – The Motichur Range of the Rajaji Tiger Reserve has been opened for tourists. On the first day, 77 tourists witnessed wildlife. These tourists traveled on the track through 20 vehicles. The park administration claims to have made robust arrangements for the safety of tourists.

On Wednesday, after the morning ritual, Park Warden Prashant Hindwan and a student jointly cut the ribbon, officially opening the park gate. The first batch of 18 tourists entered the park through three jeeps. Throughout the day, 77 people in 20 vehicles observed various wildlife species. These tourists hailed from Delhi, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, and Uttar Pradesh. During tracking, tourists witnessed deer, cheetah, sambar, barasingha, wild fowl, wild boar, and various bird species.


The Motichur Range track is a total of 22 kilometers long. Wireless sets have been deployed in the Koilapura, Dadra Beat, Paniyala Beat forest checkpoints to communicate with forest workers. If a herd of elephants is spotted on the track during jungle safari, forest workers will be responsible for removing them. This year, the park is operating jungle safaris under the rotation system. Three tigers have been brought from the Corbett Tiger Reserve to the Motichur Range. However, tiger sightings did not occur on the first day. The park gates are closed every year on June 15 when the monsoon begins. The park administration collected revenue of INR 15,800.