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Pedicularis Flower Bloom In Valley Of Flowers See Amazing Photos

June 28, 2022 – Various species of flowers are spreading their color these days in the world-famous Valley of Flowers. These days pedicularis (turmeric flower) is blooming in abundance in the valley. This flower, which bloomed in very less quantities till last year, is spreading its fragrance this time from the gate of the valley to the banks of river Pushpavati.

Pic: Valley of Flowers

This flower is also full of medicinal properties. More than 300 species of flowers bloom in the Valley of Flowers. These days, domestic and foreign tourists are reaching the valley for excursions. One of the most attractive tourist attractions in the valley this time is the pedicularis (turmeric flower).

Pic: Pictures of Valley of Flower

This flower is spread far and wide in the valley. Local guide Chandrashekhar Chauhan said that this time this flower has blossomed in more numbers than in previous years. Tourists are getting overwhelmed seeing this flower. This flower has blossomed from the gate of the valley itself.

Pic: Flowers Blooming

Botanist Dr. Vinay Nautiyal says that it is a medicinal plant. Its use is beneficial in preventing fever and infection. He said that the reason for the maximum bloom of this plant in the Valley of Flowers this year is that there was a limited tourist movement in the valley for the last two years.

Pic: Flower at Valley of Flowers

It is a small plant and due to excessive movement, it gets crushed by the feet, which cannot grow. For this reason, this time it has fed in more quantity in the valley.

Pic: Flowers

The number of tourists is increasing continuously for the sight of the Valley of Flowers. On Tuesday, 386 tourists entered the valley. The weather in the valley is changing from moment to moment. Bugyals are spread far and wide in the foothills of the high Himalayan regions in the valley.

Pic: Beautiful Flowers

The Forest Officer of the Valley of Flowers, Chetna Kandpal, said that so far more than 5000 tourists have reached the Valley of Flowers on excursions. Improvement work has also been done on the road leading to the valley. Tourists after roaming in the valley for the whole day are reaching Ghangaria, the main travel stop for the night.