Mother Ganga’s Doli Leaves for Gangotri from Mukhwa, Char Dham Yatra 2021

May 14, 2021 – The Bhog idol of Mother Ganga left for Gangotri Dham today, from Mukhwa the winter abode of Mother Ganga. Doli will halt at Bhairav temple in Bhairav Ghaati for the rest of the night. Ganga’s Doli will depart from Bhairav temple tomorrow (Saturday) early morning for Gangotri. The doors of the Gangotri temple will open at 7:30 AM on 15 May.


Due to the covid pandemic, there was no special enthusiasm in the village today. Special prayers and rituals were offered to maa Ganga at the Ganga temple in the morning. Only 21 people were allowed to attend doli yatra. Army’s famous Bagpipe Band was also not able to join the Doli Yatra.