LIVE END: Tunnel Collapse on Yamunotri National Highway: Rescue Operation Underway


The prayers for the safe rescue of 41 laborers trapped in the Silkyara Tunnel in Uttarkashi have been answered. Under Operation Silkyara, when the last worker emerged from the tunnel and took a breath of fresh air, a message of changing Uttarakhand resonated in the country and the world. Prime Minister Narendra Modi congratulated Chief Minister Dhami on the successful return of 41 workers from Silkyara and conveyed his best wishes over the phone.

10:10 AM, 29-Nov-2023: “We have received good news: Anil Bediya’s father”

All 41 workers rescued from the Silkyara Tunnel, including Jharkhand laborer Anil Bediya, have been saved. Anil Bediya’s father says, “Yes, we have received good news. I have spoken to him, and he said he is fine but undergoing a checkup. Our only request to the government was to ensure their safe rescue. Both the central and state governments have provided assistance.”

10:07 AM, 29-Nov-2023: “Igas Bagwal” celebration at CM Dhami’s residence

In honor of the successful rescue of 41 workers from the Silkyara Tunnel, an “Igas Bagwal” celebration will take place at Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami’s residence in Dehradun this evening.

10:05 AM, 29-Nov-2023: “My husband has been safely rescued”: Bhoomika Chaudhary

Bhoomika Chaudhary, the wife of Ankit Kumar, rescued from the Silkyara Tunnel in Uttarakhand, says, “As soon as we received the call that my husband has been safely rescued, we celebrated Diwali. My father has gone to Uttarakhand to bring him back.”

10:00 AM, 29-Nov-2023: “Everyone is fine and very happy”: Prem Chand Agrawal

Uttarakhand Minister Prem Chand Agrawal reached the Chinyalisaur Community Health Center to meet the 41 workers successfully rescued from the Silkyara Tunnel. After meeting the workers, he said, “Everyone is fine and very happy. They have all had a meal.”

09:39 AM, 29-Nov-2023: “We kept trying to get everyone out”: Vishwajeet Kumar Varma

Vishwajeet Kumar Varma, one of the 41 workers successfully rescued from the Uttarkashi Tunnel, says, “When the mudslide occurred, we realized we were trapped. Efforts were made to get all of us out. Arrangements were made for everything, including oxygen and food. We faced difficulties for the first 10-15 hours, but later, food was provided through a pipe. A microphone was set up, and we could talk to our families. Now, I am happy.”

09:36 AM, 29-Nov-2023: “I am healthy, no worries”: Subodh Kumar

One of the workers, Subodh Kumar Varma, rescued successfully from the Uttarkashi Tunnel, says, “We faced difficulties related to food and air for 24 hours inside the tunnel. After that, food and drinks were sent through a pipe. I am healthy, no worries. The efforts of the central and state governments allowed me to come out.”


09:24 AM, 29-Nov-2023: “We worked as a wonderful team”: Arnold Dix

Arnold Dix, an international tunneling specialist involved in the successful rescue of the 41 workers from the Uttarkashi Tunnel, said, “We were calm, and we knew what we had to do. We worked as a wonderful team. It’s a joy to be part of this successful mission with India’s best engineers, the military, and all agencies.”

09:21 AM, 29-Nov-2023: “A man should not lose courage”: Bhaskar Khulbe

Former adviser to the PMO, Bhaskar Khulbe, says, “The courage shown by these 41 workers is inspiring. A man should not lose courage even in adversity. Their courage boosted our morale, and we were able to accomplish this task.”

09:20 AM, 29-Nov-2023: “All workers safely out by God’s grace”: Hooda

After the successful rescue of 41 workers from the Uttarkashi Tunnel, former Haryana Chief Minister and Congress leader Bhupinder Singh Hooda says, “The entire country was praying that they (the workers) come out safely. Many efforts were made in this rescue campaign, and by God’s grace, all workers have come out alive. I congratulate them and wish their families well.”

09:18 AM, 29-Nov-2023: ‘Shouts of “Bharat Mata Ki Jai”‘

After the successful rescue campaign in Uttarkashi, the enthusiastic rescue team inside the Silkyara Tunnel chanted “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” (Victory to Mother India).

07:11 PM, 28-Nov-2023: PM Modi talks to workers on the phone

17 days after the successful rescue of 41 workers trapped in Uttarakhand’s Silkyara Tunnel, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to them on the phone. He said that with the blessings of Baba Kedarnath, all of them have come out safely. He acknowledged the challenge of staying in the tunnel for 16 days and praised their determination. He also congratulated Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and gathered information about the workers from him.

07:01 PM, 28-Nov-2023: PM Modi talks to workers on the phone, CM and VK Singh to reach Silkyara After 17 days of intense efforts, the operation to rescue 41 workers, the longest rescue operation in the country for workers trapped in a tunnel or mine, has been successful. Today, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami and General VK Chinyalisaur will reach the base hospital. Here, they will inquire about the workers’ well-being and distribute relief checks of one lakh rupees each to the 41 workers.

The rescue operation for the 41 workers trapped in the Silkyara Tunnel in Uttarkashi for 16 days was not easy. Every day, new hopes and challenges accompanied this operation. The first indigenous auger machine was brought on November 13 to rescue the trapped workers, but it couldn’t function according to its capacity, leading to its removal.