Landslide Traps Family of Five Tourists from Haryana Staying at Camp on Neelanth Road

August 14, 2023 – A devastating landslide occurred near Jogiana village in the Yamkeshwar block of Pauri district on Sunday night as a result of torrential rains. The onslaught of debris engulfed the Night Paradise Camp area in Jogiana Village, leading to the tragic entrapment of a family from Haryana.

Within the camp, five individuals from a single family were trapped, while fortunately, an eight-year-old girl was rescued and found safe. The Pauri administration and State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) teams are actively engaged in relief and rescue efforts. A body has been recovered from the debris in Malbe during the late evening hours. The search for the remaining four individuals is ongoing.

Located 14 kilometers away from Laxmanjhula, the Night Paradise Camp in Rawada has been hit by the landslide due to the heavy rainfall that struck the area on Sunday night. According to SDARF Commander Manikant Mishra, the landslide occurred near Jogiana village due to excessive rainfall. The Night Paradise Camp area was affected around 2 AM on Sunday.


The employees and tourists within the camps managed to escape in time, fleeing to safety. However, a single family, including Kamal Verma, Nisha Verma, their son Nishaant, and relatives Nirmal and Monty Malbe, were trapped within Camp Sector-4,1756, from Kurukshetra, Haryana. Their eight-year-old daughter Kritika was also with them.

The screams for help from Kritika alerted the camp staff, who managed to rescue her just in time. Among those trapped in the Malbe debris, only one family was involved, and Monty was the fifth relative. Local authorities and SDRF teams swiftly responded to the incident, launching a rescue operation.

Reportedly, the Haryana family had arrived at the Night Paradise Camp in Rawada on Sunday evening to celebrate their vacation. SDARF Commander Manikant Mishra informed that Monty’s body has been recovered during the late evening hours. The search for the remaining four trapped individuals is ongoing.