Land Ownership Dispute Halts Gyrocopter Safari Construction in Uttarakhand

December 21, 2023 – In a surprising turn of events, the ambitious venture to boost adventure tourism in Uttarakhand through Gyrocopter flight has hit a snag. The Irrigation Department of Uttar Pradesh has halted the construction of the helipad, asserting ownership of the land and raising concerns about the absence of proper permissions. Simultaneously, a notice has been issued to the executing agency, demanding an explanation.

The trial run for the country’s first Gyrocopter safari, scheduled to commence in Dharmnagari on January 15th, witnessed success on Sunday. The company responsible for conducting the helicopter safari claims that bookings for aerial journeys will start from January 1st, offering a 60-kilometer aerial adventure for a nominal fee of five thousand rupees.

While the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Department is diligently preparing the airstrip for the Gyrocopter safari, the Uttar Pradesh Irrigation Department alleges that no permission has been sought for the construction. Officials argue that the construction work has been brought to a halt. This has raised concerns about the feasibility of the Gyrocopter safari, set to begin on January 15th.


Hurdles on the Horizon for Gyrocopter Safari

As the Uttarakhand Tourism Department aspires to elevate adventure tourism through the Gyrocopter safari, the actions of the Uttarpradesh Irrigation Department have cast shadows of doubt. Officials from the Uttarpradesh Irrigation Department claim that no permission was sought for the construction, leading to the issuance of a notice and a pause in the work. Officials have voiced concerns that the aspirations of the Uttarakhand Tourism Department may be jeopardized if the land ownership dispute persists.

In response to the situation, the Uttarakhand Tourism Development Officer has dispatched a letter to the Uttarpradesh Irrigation Department, seeking clarification on the raised concerns. The Department aims to resolve the matter promptly and resume construction for the Gyrocopter safari. The incident has ignited concerns that the much-anticipated venture may face delays or even cancellation if the land ownership dispute persists.

The dream of soaring through the skies on a Gyrocopter safari in Uttarakhand encounters turbulence, raising questions about the future of adventure tourism in the region.