Lachhiwala Nature Park Welcomes Tourists with Herbal Garden and Butterfly Park

December 06, 2023 – Lachhiwala Forest Nature Park is set to unveil its enchanting Herbal Garden and Butterfly Park for tourists in the upcoming season, offering a delightful blend of medicinal flora and vibrant butterflies.

The annual influx of tourists to Lachhiwala Nature Park has prompted an expansion of its artificial lake. Simultaneously, preparations are underway to open a sprawling five-hectare Herbal Garden and Butterfly Park for visitors. The Forest Department has meticulously curated the Herbal Garden, aiming to provide tourists with insights into the medicinal properties of various plant species.

A dedicated Butterfly Park has also been developed within the premises, showcasing a kaleidoscope of colorful butterflies. However, the Butterfly Park is yet to be opened to the public. With a consistent rise in tourist numbers, the Forest Department has geared up to unveil both the Herbal Garden and the Butterfly Park for the upcoming season. Visitors to the park can expect to enjoy nature trails, along with a canopy view of the surroundings.

Herbal Park: A Treasure Trove of Over 31 Medicinal Plants

The Herbal Garden at Lachhiwala Nature Park boasts a diverse array of medicinal plants, including Aloe Vera, Dhataki, Pomegranate, Sita Ashok, Nirgundi, Vishamara, Putrajivak, Harshringar, Priyangu, Amla, Harad, Baheda, Jamun, Marodphali, Bael, Amlatas, Arjuna, Bel, Amaltas, Bixa, Reetha, Elaichi, Kapoor, Shyamatulsi, Javagrass, Desi Gudhal, Neem, Akhrot, Timur, Garam Masala, Dalchini, Lemon, and Wild Turmeric. Tourists can gather information about these herbs and their medicinal properties during their visit.


Upcoming Attractions: Awaiting Tourist Exploration

Lachhiwala Nature Park, sprawling over five hectares, is diligently crafting the Herbal Garden and Butterfly Park at the departmental level. Both attractions are slated to be opened to tourists in the upcoming season, allowing visitors to marvel at medicinal plants and various butterfly species.

Mr. Ghananand Uniyal, Forest Officer, Lachhiwala, expressed excitement about the upcoming openings, stating, “Work is underway to meticulously craft the five-hectare Herbal Garden and Butterfly Park at Lachhiwala Nature Park. We plan to open these attractions for tourists in the upcoming season, offering them a unique experience with medicinal plants and diverse butterfly species.”

As Lachhiwala Nature Park transforms into a haven of biodiversity, tourists can look forward to an immersive experience, delving into the therapeutic world of herbs and the vibrant realm of butterflies. The Forest Department remains committed to enhancing the park’s appeal and providing visitors with an enriching encounter with nature.