Jyotish Peeth Shankaracharya Initiates Winter Pilgrimage to Uttarakhand’s Chardhams

December 28, 2023: (Haridwar, Uttarakhand) – Renowned astrologer and Shankaracharya Swami Avimukteshwaranand Saraswati commenced the winter pilgrimage to Uttarakhand’s Chardhams (four sacred abodes) on Wednesday. The journey began with the auspicious worship of the Ganga in Haridwar.

The Shankaracharya’s pilgrimage kicked off with a ceremonial welcome in the Badkot Nagar area. His first destination was the frigid pilgrimage site of Kharshali, dedicated to the worship of Goddess Yamuna. Swami Avimukteshwaranand participated in the evening prayer rituals and aarti, embracing the spiritual ambiance of the sacred location. On Thursday, the Shankaracharya is scheduled to depart for Uttarkashi.

This historic pilgrimage marks the first instance in the annals of the Adi Guru Shankaracharya tradition where the Jyotish Peeth Shankaracharya is undertaking a winter journey to the sacred pilgrimage sites. The pilgrimage is slated to conclude on January 3, 2024, in Haridwar.


The Chief Minister expressed the historic significance of Shankaracharya’s pilgrimage, emphasizing that it will enhance the winter pilgrimage experience across the Chardhams. The Shankaracharya is leading this journey, preserving the traditions established over 2,500 years ago, and his spiritual sojourn is expected to bring solace and blessings to the devotees.

This unique pilgrimage is an unprecedented event in the rich history of Uttarakhand and adds a new chapter to the spiritual legacy of the Chardham Yatra.