Rishikesh in Danger, All Thanks To Irresponsible & Uncontrolled Tourism

You must have heard people talking about responsible tourism or Eco Tourism, Today I’ll show you why we talk about this and what is irresponsible tourism & How its going to change the future of our loved city, Rishikesh.

Uncontrolled Tourism Has Ruined The Ecosystem

Tourism is on boom & Number of travelers are increasing every year causing human traffic jam even at mount everest. Just to match the demand & need of employment entire rishikesh valley is turning into concrete jungle. Either you take an example of Tapovan or Shivpuri its all messed. There is no law to control tourism but this is something required at this point.

Over Crowded Tourists at Lakshman Jhula

Wrong Parking & Irresponsible Driving to Cause Traffic Jam

You must know that slower moving traffic emits more CO2 as compared to faster moving traffic. We all have noticed that wrong parking & irresponsible driving are the main reason behind long long traffic jam, Strict actions need to be taken against those breaking lanes & doing illegal parking.

Traffic Situation at Rishikesh
Jam Caused of Wrong Parking on Neelkanth Road. Photo Credit: Arvind Negi

Uncontrolled Used of Plastic in Various Forms

NGT has already cleared that plastic bags are not allowed in haridwar & rishikesh but is it really happening ? What about plastic water bottles ? What about chips rappers & other packing plastic ? Plastic Glasses ?

Dumping Site in Rishikesh On The Bank of Tributary River to Ganga
Garbage Spreaded On Road

Now Or Never

This is the time we should stand together and takeout some solution of this cancer alike problem else it will be too late 🙂 The future of our rishikesh city is in danger.

File Photo – Volunteers of YCR (Yamkeshwar Camp Resort Association) clearing garbage.
File Photo – Volunteers of YCR (Yamkeshwar Camp Resort Association) clearing garbage.


  1. This is really pathetic , its hard to see the situation of my birth place , We need to do something in terms of cleaning and other aspects ! If any of the Support required from my side , i love to contribute in terms of volunteering or anything else !

  2. Its Really Bad , because People are destroying the nature and the real charm of Rishikesh just for our weekend fun. I am not point out any specific community of people as i am witnessing rishikesh since couple of year’s. Being a responsible citizen its our job to at least follow our civic sense. No one is stopping you to enjoy but your enjoyment would become other’s pain too.

  3. Yes!!! Urgent need for action and local government body and citizens to come together.

  4. Why can’t this garbage trash crowd from Delhi and all the other criminal places mind their own god darn business and not come and exploit our beautiful hills and valleys. They all need to learn some basic manners before daring to come to our place or fucking put these criminals behind bars. Shame on these Pahariii ministers as well for not playing attention to it.

    1. Mountain people doesnt have guts to grow economy on their own, thus they need and invite people for tourism. I agree tourists should have some civic sense

      1. Dis is basically economy generation only..and they dont invite though, d people from Ur so called places come here to visit ,get relief and also to litter and dump waste..creating whole havoc in environment ,,i also agree on ur behalf of civic sense..but bro if they r coming here economy generation wil be automatic…

  5. I went twice…by paying huge state entry tax…… .of course the second time with reluctance. Very pathetic. State tourism should do something for both at Haridwar & for Rishikesh. We go to overseas as tourist & enjoy clean environment, govt. aided systematic facilities that attract tourists. In- house, – most of the tourist places are overcrowded, no reliable facility, un-hygenic, dirty, dusty, uncontrolled street business set-ups & infected with extortion, cheating, theft, open urination…. all around mainly for inaction of State Govt. failing to develop infrastructure, frame & implement strict rule & procedure & partly for people visiting these sites without love & responsibility towards the place. Shall never visit again…..shame….to call these as tourist places in India.

  6. This may be inspiring initiative to offer some ideas on local, community based eco-tourism. Someone needs to take the lead and formalize something to stop the unabated and harmful effects of tourism.

  7. The need of the hour is to take an oath in our children’s name ( because they’re affected the most!) that we’ll not roll car windows to throw out wrappers, bottles, plastic food bags and juice cartons. That we’ll not throw rubbish outside our homes. That we’ll not throw sanitary towels and baby diapers and our long hair into flushes. That we’ll not spit on the road or invite guests to a wedding and not put up dust bins for all the rubbish. Then only can the Ganga be clean and our country not become a garbage dump.

  8. Rishikesh is very beautiful city of India but now a days It’s really bad condition tourist make this city dirty now it’s time to start cleaning with the help of municipal corporation and local leaders and nog’s , we are responsible for everything. That’s why we have to start cleaning and stop make this city more dirty.
    Jai Hindi

  9. Needs urgent intervention by the local government.
    Heavy penalty should be offered to those who are responsible for making dirt.

  10. There is a very strong police action and penalties required for such behaviour. Though it will decrease number of tourists but in long tern it will help remain Rishikesh a place to come.

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