Heavy Snowfall in High Altitude Areas of Uttarakhand

November 10, 2022 – On Thursday, The weather in the state dropped as heavy snowfall occurred in the high Himalayan regions. By evening the hills of Munsiyari and Dharchula were covered with snow. It also snowed in Hansling, Rajrambha, and Panchachuli. On the other hand, Darma and Vyas Ghati were also seen wrapped in a white sheet of snow.

The sky was clear in Pithoragarh in the morning. It was sunny all day long. Suddenly the weather changed in the evening. Along with snowfall, there was a drizzle in other parts, including the district headquarters, Pithoragarh. Due to this, the cold has also increased in the border areas.

Gunji, Darma, and Beas Valley on the China border have been receiving continuous snowfall since late Wednesday night. As a result, the temperature has reached minus 11 degrees in both valleys’ last posts. Due to this, the cold has increased a lot. At the same time, the difficulties of marginalized people have also increased.


In 14 villages of Darma valley and seven villages of Vyas valley, some families still live in the village. Rokang head Anju Ronkli and Gunji Sarpanch Lakshmi Gunjyal said it has been snowing continuously since Wednesday night. The village has received about six inches of snowfall and more than a foot at the peaks.

At the same time, village head Jaman Datal said that six inches of snow had accumulated in other villages, including Dugtu of Darma Valley. As a result, Panchachuli Base Camp Operation Ganesh Duggal said the base camp would be closed after November 15.

After this, the security force personnel and villagers from the high-altitude areas will migrate toward the lower valley. This is the sixth time it snowed in the last outposts and the fourth time in the village.