Heaps of garbage ruining the beauty of tourism city Dhanaulti

November 01, 2022 – The beauty of Dhanaulti is now in danger because of the heaps of garbage; garbage is scattered everywhere. Local people have warned of agitation if something to dispose of the waste is not started soon.

The garbage vehicle in Dhanaulti was dispensing around 4-5 quintals of garbage by making three-four rounds daily. Now, The contract of the Chintan Society, which was collecting waste disposal from dhanaulti, ended a month ago with the Mussoorie Forest Division (Zayka).


Vyapaar Mandal President Rajpal Belwal, Dhanaulti Gram Pardhan Neeraj Belwal, Hotel Association President Yashpal Belwal, Eco Park Secretary Manoj Uniyal, Kuldeep Negi, Elam Panwar, Mahipal Kathait, Saurabh Kathait, Soban Singh Gusain, Anil Gusain, Vishan Singh Belwal, and Devendra Belwal told that due to the closure of the garbage vehicle, people are now throwing garbage everywhere on the roadside. As a result, a herd of monkeys pick up the trash from there and scatter it all over the place. He said that the administration, forest department, and district panchayat were informed about the problem a month ago when the system came to a standstill, but nothing has been done yet.

In this regard, District Panchayat Additional Chief Officer Sanjay Khanduri told that two sanitation workers had been deployed in Dhanaulti Bazar. But, still, there is a problem due to a lack of vehicles. Project officer Swajal Prakash Rawat told that there is one vehicle in the Rurban mission, but no one is ready to take the garbage.

There is no information about the termination of the contract with the Chintan Sanstha doing waste disposal in Dhanaulti. Advance action will be taken after talking to the Ranger about this.

Ashutosh Singh, DFO Mussoorie Forest Division.