Ghost in Dwarka Sector 9

Ghost of Dwarka, Sector 9, New Delhi (Haunted)

There are many unexplained and untold stories attached with some places in Delhi that are believed to be haunted. Today we are going to tell you about one such haunted place located at Dwarka Sector 9 in New Delhi,

Dwarka, Sector 9 – A Haunted

You must have seen articles over the internet stating that “Metro Station of Sector 9 Dwarka” is haunted. This is not true. Instead, The Haunted place is near that metro station not inside the metro station. While coming from Dwarka, Sector 21 towards Sector 9 on the main road you will find a giant Banyan / Peepal tree just in the middle of the road causing inconvenience for people to drive.

This Giant Banyan / Peepal Tree is said to be Haunted, The contractor engaged in the construction of this road tried his best to remove this tree from here but never succeed. It is said that an old lady dressed in white used to come in dreams to warn labour to keep away from that tree. Many of them even claimed that she slapped them and that they have seen her after dark near that tree. Later, the contractor refused to cut this tree and built a temple there.

People living in the surrounding area, Mainly those working in night hours claim that a woman in a white sari shows up near this tree asking for a lift and, on refusing, runs with the car. Hence, no one dares to go on this road after dark.

lady ghost


There are two different stories about this ghost. The popular theory, Few believe that the lady seen here met with an accident while crossing the road, The driver didn’t stop and ran away, the woman was severely injured but no one arrived and later she died. Since that day people can see her around this tree and chasing vehicles to find the driver who killed her.

The lesser known theory or the second story links this lady from British Era, It is said the peepal / banyan tree is more then 100 year old. Somewhere in the beginning of 19th century when Delhi was the capital of the British Raj, The entire Dwarka region was a dense forest and a lake was said to be exist near this area, The forest was used by rebels. The lady is said to be among one and was drown inside the lake while hiding, her body was not recovered and since then she stays around this tree.

Till date the mystery is unsolved, the main cause of her death is still unknown. Many paranormal investigator tried there luck and spent whole night here but looks like the lady ghost don’t want to talk to them.