Gangotri Shrine Closes for Winter, Badrinath Processions Begin

November 14, 2023 – Dehradun, Uttarakhand: In preparation for the winter season, the portals of Gangotri Dham were closed today for devotees, marking the end of pilgrimages to the sacred site. The ceremonial departure of Ma Ganga’s palanquin has taken place. Simultaneously, the closing process for the portals of Badrinath Dham has also commenced today. According to religious traditions, after worship, offerings, and rituals in the temple premises, the gates of Lord Ganesha Temple in the Badrinath Dham will be closed for the winter season. The gates of Badrinath Dham itself will be closed at 3:33 PM on November 18.

In Kharsali Gaon, preparations are underway to welcome Ma Yamuna at the Yamuna Temple. Purushottam Uniyal, the President of the Yamunotri Dham Priests’ Council, mentioned that on the auspicious occasion of Bhaiya Dooj, the gates of Ma Yamuna will be closed at 11:57 AM tomorrow, November 15. The festive procession of Ma Yamuna, led by her brother Shani Dev Ji, will depart for Shri Vigraha Sheetal Kali Pravas in Khushi Math, Kharsali.


Earlier today, at 8 AM, the palanquin of Shani Dev Maharaj from Kharsali Gaon to receive his sister Yamuna commenced, heading for the Yamunotri Dham. By 10 AM, it is expected to reach the temple. Following special worship rituals, prayers, and consecration, the gates of the Ma Yamuna Temple will be closed for the winter season for six months.