Elusive Leopard Keeps Delhi Officials on Edge: Recent Updates on Neb Sarai Sighting

December 05, 2023 – In the wake of last week’s unexpected leopard sighting in Neb Sarai, Delhi Forest Department officials are maintaining a vigilant stance despite the elusive big cat’s disappearance since Saturday evening.

Deputy Conservator of Forest (South Division) Mandeep Mittal reported to PTI that extensive combing of the area by Forest Department teams yielded no signs of the leopard. “The leopard has not been seen since Saturday evening. We are expecting that it has gone back, but our team is still there,” Mittal stated, emphasizing the ongoing cautionary measures in place.

“The cage that was set up is also there,” he added, indicating that the preparedness for the potential reappearance of the leopard remains intact.

A collaborative effort involving the Delhi Police, Forest Department, Western Avenue Resident Welfare Association (WARWA), and the NGO Bail A Tail, conducted an hour-long search operation in the Neb Sarai area. Unfortunately, the elusive feline remained untraceable during this joint endeavor.

The initial leopard sighting occurred on Friday night and Saturday morning near a farmhouse, prompting heightened security measures in the vicinity. Despite a thorough search operation on Monday, including strategic exits closures and leaving only the route leading to the jungle open, the leopard continued to evade detection.


Delhi Police officials expressed their belief that the leopard might have retreated into the jungles of the Aravallis. “It is likely that the leopard has gone back into the jungles of Aravallis, but we are still on alert,” stated a police official involved in the search operations.

Sunday saw the Forest Department team employing drones for an extensive aerial search operation, yet the elusive leopard managed to evade detection once again.

The situation remains fluid, with officials maintaining a high level of alertness and a commitment to ensuring the safety of the residents in the Neb Sarai area. As the mystery surrounding the leopard’s current whereabouts deepens, local authorities are urging residents to remain cautious and report any suspicious activities.

The Delhi Forest Department, in collaboration with other agencies, continues to monitor the situation closely, employing various strategies to ensure the safety of the residents and the elusive leopard’s well-being. Further updates on the situation will be provided as the story unfolds.