Due to Landslide, Gangotri Highway Blocked Around Sunagar

June 8, 2021 – Gangotri Highway remains closed for the second day at Sunagar. On Monday, Approx 20 meters of the highway collapsed into the river due to landslide, Gangotri Highway is still closed. Two BRO Machines and 30 labors are already working hard to fix the highway. District Disaster Management Officer, Mr. Devendra Patwal has expressed hope of opening the highway by today evening.

The landslide affected area remains a canker for The Sungar Gangotri Highway. In the early hours of Monday, the highway was blocked due to heavy landslides without any rain. After getting the information, the workers and machines of BRO were deployed to open the highway, but due to intermittent landslide and rocks coming on the highway, the way was not opened.


Villages like Harshil, Mukhba, Dharali, Jaspur, Jhala, Sukki, Gangnani, etc. in The Upala Taknaur area, including the forward posts along the Indo-China border with Gangotri Dham, have been isolated due to the suspension of movement on the strategically important highway.

At the same time, due to the closure of the highway, the SDRF team rescued a pregnant woman and admitted her to the hospital.