Dobhi Paragliding Site Denotified, Future of Thousands of People on Stake

November 21, 2022 – Patlikuhal / Kullu. In the Ujhi Valley, 3,000 people directly connected with paragliding have lost their jobs. Due to the closure of paragliding for the last few days, the people associated with paragliding have become unemployed. A lot of anger can be seen among the people after the closure of this site.

The state government’s tourism department has denotified a paragliding site running at Dobhi in district Kullu. The shortfall in the revenue record is being told behind this. Two paragliding sites are operating in Dobhi. One has been denotified, while the other site is not technically suitable for paragliding. Many pilots have lodged objections in this regard.


The people associated with paragliding have urged the tourism department to solve the issue soon. However, the matter has been put on hold due to the election code of conduct. Sikandar Thakur and Nakul Mahant, president of the Dobhi Paragliding Association, say that someone has filed a case in the court regarding their site. They could not present a lawyer on time regarding this matter, due to which this situation has arisen.

He said that they are putting their side firmly at every level. Their file has already been gone to the Director of the Tourism Department. However, due to the code of conduct, they will appeal to the Election Commission for correct guidelines if the matter drags on for a long time.