Dive into History: Gujarat Unveils India’s First Submarine Tourism Initiative

January 02, 2024: If you’ve been yearning for an extraordinary underwater adventure, look no further than Gujarat, where the state government has partnered with Mazagon Dockyard Limited (MDL) to introduce the nation’s first submarine tourism initiative. Set against the backdrop of Bet Dwarka, an enchanting island off the coast of Dwarka with ties to Lord Krishna, this project is set to revolutionize India’s tourism scene.

Scheduled for launch ahead of Diwali this year, the submarine tourism project is a testament to India’s commitment to providing unique experiences for avid travelers. The primary focus of this initiative is to offer tourists the thrilling opportunity to dive approximately 100 meters below the ocean’s surface, providing a firsthand encounter with the diverse marine life surrounding Bet Dwarka—an island rumored to harbor a submerged city linked to Lord Krishna’s legacy.

Bet Dwarka, also known as Shankhodhar, is an inhabited island situated at the mouth of the Gulf of Kutch, believed to have been the residence of Lord Krishna during his reign in Dwarka.


What awaits adventurers is a 35-tonne submarine designed to accommodate up to 30 passengers per journey. With two rows of seating and individual window views, the vessel will be piloted by two seasoned professionals, ensuring a safe and immersive experience for everyone on board.

Beyond its recreational value, the submarine tourism initiative is anticipated to be a catalyst for economic growth. By creating employment opportunities and attracting investments, it aims to boost regional tourism. Saurabh Pardhi, Managing Director of Gujarat Tourism, expresses confidence in the project’s potential to elevate Dwarka’s tourism profile, which has traditionally been revered for its religious significance, housing the esteemed Dwarkadhish Temple—a pilgrimage destination cherished by Hindus.

As the official announcement of this groundbreaking initiative approaches, all eyes are on the Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit, where the debut of submarine tourism is expected to take center stage. This marks a significant stride in redefining India’s tourism landscape, offering a unique adventure beneath the waves and setting the stage for an unparalleled experience in underwater exploration. Get ready to dive into history and witness Gujarat’s emergence as a pioneer in the world of submarine tourism.