Danger Persists on Silogi-Ghattugad Motor Road as Broken Guardrails Await Repair

December 12, 2023 – 

Four months have passed since the landslides during the monsoon season left the guardrails shattered at various points along the Silogi-Ghattugad motor road, yet the authorities have failed to mend the broken barriers. Commuters are compelled to navigate the route with shattered guardrails, putting their lives at risk.

The Silogi-Ghattugad motor road, spanning from Ghattugad to Mohanchatti, witnessed the collapse of 13 guardrails at different locations due to heavy rainfall. Locals, including Subhash Jugalani, Ashish Belwal, Ravindra Bisht, Narendra Jugalani, and Narendra Kapruwan, have expressed their concerns about the lack of urgency in repairing these damaged guardrails. They claim to have provided oral and written notices to the authorities multiple times, but the department seems entangled in bureaucratic procedures, including proposal submissions and budgetary concerns.

At the spots where the guardrails are broken, there are no warning signs or reflective markers, adding to the constant risk of accidents. Moreover, the absence of filled potholes has led to shocks breaking down, further contributing to the hazards. The overall speed of vehicles on the road has decreased due to these safety concerns.


The issue of unattended guardrails has been persistent since the Silogi-Ghattugad Gumkhal Rathuwadab motor road came under the jurisdiction of NH Dhumakot. Despite multiple complaints filed by drivers navigating this route, no corrective actions have been taken.

For nearly three years, the problem of untrimmed vegetation along the motor road has persisted, causing inconvenience to travelers. Several complaints have been lodged with NH Dhumakot engineers responsible for overseeing vehicle operations on this motor road, but no concrete action has been initiated.

The proposal for the construction of guardrails has been submitted to the government, awaiting budget approval. Once the budget is sanctioned, the repair work will commence. – Ashish Saini, Assistant Engineer, National Highway Section, Dhumakot.