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Covid-19 Virus on Fire at Mount Everest

May 06, 2021 – Yes, You heard it right. World’s highest peak is under attack by Corona Virus as several climbers recently reported symptoms for Covid-19 after reaching Everest Base Camp and later tested positive. The biggest challenge climbers are facing is that the symptoms of virus are quite similar to altitude sickness.

In recent weeks, several Sherpa and there climbers reported symptoms for the virus and have been airlifted from the base camp and many of them were tested positive after reaching Kathmandu.


The first case was reported last month when a Sherpa and his climber from Norway were airlifted after they developed Covid-19 symptoms at base camp and were tested positive for the virus in Kathmandu.

Nepal reported a record number of 7587 new Corona Virus cases yesterday bringing Nepal’s total infection count till yesterday was 351005. As per sources the government has refused to close the expedition.