Beyond Wildlife: Kolitmara Unleashes Adventure and Ecotourism in Pench

January 06, 2024: As the safari season reaches its zenith, wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers are flocking to national parks and popular wildlife spots in search of unique experiences. Kolitmara in West Pench has stepped up its game by introducing exhilarating hot air balloon rides and paramotoring, adding a new dimension to the wildlife adventure landscape. Priced reasonably at INR 1,500 for hot air balloon rides and INR 2,500 for paramotoring, Kolitmara is set to redefine the way visitors experience the beauty of the region.

Soaring High: Hot Air Balloon Rides and Paramotoring Thrills

Kolitmara’s foray into adventure activities is marked by strict supervision, ensuring the safety of participants. Paramotoring flights involve one person at a time, accompanied by a trained pilot, while hot air balloon rides offer a shared experience for groups of up to four individuals.

A Strategic Initiative

This innovative initiative aims to shift the tourist focus from the eastern regions, like Sillari, to the picturesque landscapes of Kolitmara in the West. The deputy director of Pench, Prabhu Nath Shukla, lauds Kolitmara’s natural beauty, emphasizing how the dense forests create an ideal backdrop for adventure activities. Beyond tourism, the initiative strives to generate local employment, presenting an opportunity for the youth and positively impacting the regional economy.

Beyond Wildlife: Kolitmara’s Diverse Offerings

Kolitmara has expanded its tourism repertoire to include agrotourism, offering visitors a plethora of experiences, from machan sittings and bullock cart rides to bird watching and village exploration tours. A 45-kilometer cycle trail adds an eco-friendly touch to the adventure. Future plans include launching a 25-kilometer nature safari route in Banera, as well as introducing motorboats for a 25-kilometer Pench river safari from Kolitmara to Navegaon Khairi, priced at INR 1,500 per person.


Gateway to Pench Tiger Reserve

Situated just a 2-hour drive from Nagpur, the Kolitmara gate serves as a key entry point to the Pench Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra. Nagpur, with its airport and railway station, is the nearest transportation hub for visitors.

Timings and Best Time to Visit

Safari enthusiasts can explore Kolitmara from 6 AM to 11 AM and 2.30 PM to 6 PM. The best time to visit is between October and June, offering optimal conditions for wildlife sightings and adventure activities.

In conclusion, Kolitmara has evolved from being merely a wildlife destination to a dynamic adventure and ecotourism hub. Visitors can now indulge in a range of activities, creating an enriching experience that not only supports local communities but also promotes sustainable tourism practices. Discover the untamed beauty of Kolitmara, where adventure meets conservation, and every visit contributes to the preservation of this ecological gem.