Anticipated Weather Changes in Uttarakhand’s Mountainous Regions

December 12, 2023 – Residents of Uttarakhand’s mountainous districts are bracing themselves for a shift in weather today (Tuesday). There is a possibility of light rain in certain areas of Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag, Chamoli, Bageshwar, and Pithoragarh districts, while regions above three thousand meters may experience snowfall. The impact is expected to extend to the plains, causing a drop in temperatures.

According to the Meteorological Center’s forecast, partial cloud cover is predicted across the state on December 12. Additionally, morning fog is expected in the plains. Bikram Singh, the director of the Meteorological Center, mentioned that the beginning of December saw a slight drop in temperatures due to light rain and snowfall.

Over the past week, the maximum temperature across the state remained one to two degrees Celsius above normal. In this context, there are prospects for a weather change in higher-altitude areas on Tuesday. The anticipated rain and snowfall in mountainous districts will also lead to a decrease in temperatures in the plains.


Necessity of Winter Rain for Snowfall

Winter rain is crucial for snowfall, and the absence of significant rainfall has been notable in any district of the state from November until now. Meteorologists attribute the lack of winter rain last year to the limited snowfall observed in November and December in mountainous districts.

If the figures for winter rain in mountainous districts on December 12 are promising, it will bode well for snowfall. This occurrence not only aids in glacier recharge but also contributes to an increase in river levels. The direct impact will be felt in the coming days, affecting the overall temperature.

Residents are advised to stay updated on weather forecasts and be prepared for the possibility of snowfall in higher-altitude areas. The winter precipitation is not only a spectacle but also plays a vital role in the ecological balance of Uttarakhand’s diverse landscape.