pre wedding shoot

7 Things to Consider Before Going for a Pre Wedding Photoshoot

Excited about your pre-wedding photoshoot? Wait! Wait! First, read this article before you leave for your photoshoot.

Book Your Photographer in Advance

During wedding season photographers are very busy, You have to book one in advance for your wedding and pre-wedding photoshoot. This will not only help you select the best and economical photographer but will also help you avoid a last-minute rush to find one.

So, Don’t wait until the last minute to finalize. Search for one right now.


Partner’s Consent

The biggest challenge in a newfound relationship is, having mutual consent in that relationship. You should take care of your partner’s consent before deciding everything for a pre-wedding photoshoot. Often it becomes difficult to change the day or time after the photo shoot is fixed. The photographer may have other bookings and this will be inconvenient for you.

So, Talk to your partner before finalizing the date and time for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

PUBG Themed Pre Wedding Photoshoot


A special day for you, That’s why before the photoshoot talk to the photographer about a particular theme. For example, some people choose to make this shoot unique with flowers or with balloons, or even with a teddy bear, this shoot can be made unique depending on your selected theme. You can also consult your photographer and ask him for more innovative ideas.

Like a couple who chooses PUBG Themed Pre Wedding Shoot recently.

Example of Pre Wedding Props

Props and Play Cards

Props and Play Cards play a very important role during a pre-wedding photoshoot, this will enhance your shoot. Normally, pre-wedding photographers have a collection of props and cards with them. But you should talk to the photographer about this before the shoot. In case you want a customized prop or a card then you can ask your photographer for that. You may have to give him some additional time to arrange one.


That is why it is important to book a photographer for your pre wedding photoshoot on time.


Nowadays most couples prefer outdoor photoshoots. In such a situation, it is very important for you to have the right and detailed information about the location in advance. lights and beautiful background are two very important factors for a photoshoot. Always prefer a less crowded place.

Before finalizing your location make sure if the place has a washroom and a changing room facility.


This photoshoot will remind you of this important day throughout your life. That’s why the clothes worn on this day are also very special. Finalize your clothes at least two days before the shoot so that you get enough time to check if there is no fitting-related issue. Also, if you both are going to wear matching clothes it is important to finalize them at least two days in advance.

To avoid the last-minute rush you have to finalize everything in advance.


Photoshoot can be the most memorable day for anyone. Every girl dreams of looking very beautiful in her wedding. So, for this special day the makeup of the girl should also be special. That’s why it is very much important to schedule your makeup according to the time fixed for the shoot.

If possible, you can also take your makeup artist on a shoot, but for this you have to talk to your makeup artist in advance.